Networking Hangout with the Techies and creatives @ theBUNKer Abuja.

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In Abuja, there is an increasing need for a techie safe haven where ideas, modern technological trends, and advice on navigating its rough waters can be exchanged. As a result, the idea for “Tech Talk Vol. 1: Rethinking the Future of Tech in Nigeria” was developed. The sun smiled at us on a beautiful Friday evening, Legs crossed, minds were racing, spirits eager to learn, bodies were prepared to be swept away in the ocean of information, and the highly anticipated event came.

Where we are now and what we are doing right now and wrong in the tech world

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The event began with an introduction of theBUNKer (one of the best co-work spaces in Nigeria) and Resource Intermediaries Limited Services across all locations (A leading Outsourcing/Recruitment and company in the world). The facilitator began with tips on what to expect during the event. The first Panelist session was chaired by Mr. Segun (WordPress Group, Abuja Chapter), Mr. Tony Ayabam Info Hob Ltd, and Ms. Agatha Kile of Kavian Digital Solutions where they all discussed the “Rights” and “Wrongs” in the Nigerian tech scene.

As the saying goes, “those who want to sing always find a song,” The highlight of the first panel session was that techies and “tech wannabes” need to be consistent in all they do as this will help them to thrive irrespective of the limitations imposed on them. Techies were also encouraged to bring out the best in themselves, not be hard on themselves, and to continuously improve their skills.

How modern technological trends affect the Nigerian business scene

Attendees were enthralled and fascinated by theBUNKer facility in Abuja; they were overjoyed that the facility provided them with the opportunity to learn from and network with creatives, experts, and professionals. Among those present were a large number of university students who had remained at home due to the Academic Staff Union of Universities’ (ASSU) ongoing strike. The students were overjoyed with the event’s outcome and wanted it to be a monthly recurring event.

The second panelists included Mr. Emmanuel Oyiza of Bitnob Exchange, Ms. Cynthia Chisom of Aboki Shoes, and Mr. Ernest of J Nest Synergy. The conversation centered around modern technological trends and how they affect the Nigerian business scene. This was the peak of the event as every aspect of the tech industry was discussed extensively, including tech and real estate, tech and the economy, tech for good, etc. This session was encouraging, enlightening, and engaging as the audience was asked to share ideas and ask questions.

Sandwiched between the two panel sessions was the “Hack And Treat“. Participants were given the opportunity to share what they do differently in their businesses and workplace to get things done efficiently. This was done to show participants how to perform certain processes in their businesses without breaking a sweat. Some people shared ideas on how to easily crowdfund, what to include in a business plan, and so on. theBUNKer Abuja’s ‘Hack’ was that participants didn’t need a subscription to have meetings at theBUNKer; all they needed to do was call to reserve a space at the Executive Lounge, buy from theBUNKer café, and close the deal!

Everyone was asked to introduce themselves and their area of expertise as part of the networking session that followed the program’s conclusion.

“Networking is not just about connecting with people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities”.


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